I really struggled with this week’s Life Book lesson.  I was rushed and flustered and improvising as per usual but it was more than that.  I just couldn’t quite pull all the elements together to make the concept I had in my head materialise on the paper.

The theme was about embracing every part of yourself, whether positive or negative, and that was visually translated into a piece about shadow and light incorporating a kneeling figure.  In my head, I had the idea of golden fireflies emerging from the hands of the figure, their metallic glow contrasting with the dark, grungy background.  What emerged, however, was a bit of a mess to say the least.  Perhaps I will find the time at some stage to attempt a “do over” on my idea and execute it more successfully.

Week 28 - Darkness and Light - Fireflies

12 thoughts on “Fireflies

  1. I think you’ve captured your idea beautifully! Wonderful colors and there is such a flow of the lights from the hands. Maybe if you re-visit it in a few days you’ll see how magical this piece is.

    • Thanks, Ellie. It’s all too scruffy and scrappy for my liking. There are elements I like but overall it just didn’t come together. I still like the idea though so might try a Mark II at some stage.

  2. I’m not doing the lesson so I really don’t know anything but once I saw your image, immediately I saw someone so beautiful, humble, open and sweet. The colors that you have chosen were perfect and those golden dots from her open hands just swept me off my feet. I love this painting.

    • Thank you. It’s maybe another case of frustration over the vision not matching the actuality but it’s also the case that there are technical faults in this piece, such as where the beater stuck and tore the surface of the paper.

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