Cardboard Sculptures

If you are of a squeamish disposition then you can be thankful that this cardboard sculpture activity replaced another.  The other day, we found a recently deceased squirrel in our garden, still in full rigor mortis but otherwise looking fresh.  I had this idea for CSI: Squirrel.  There’s not enough science learning in the activities I do with my kids after all so running a rodent Body Farm would correct some of that imbalance.  The idea was to return to the spot where the ex-squirrel lay and study the process of decomposition, the insect life responsible for the process, and eventually the skeleton.  It would have been pretty cool.  However, overnight some sort of scavenging critter made off with the plump carrion and that was the end of that project idea.

So cardboard sculptures it is.

The only rule was the sculptures had to be able to stand up somehow and had to be made of cardboard.  We used old cereal boxes as it provides a nice balance between stiff and flexible.

My ten year old is a comic book nerd so he wanted to create Batman.  He went into lots of detail creating two versions of Batman using the same silhouette but found it too challenging to connect them and make them stand up because he had worked on a small scale and it all got rather fiddly.

Cardboard Sculpture - Batman 1

Cardboard Sculpture - Batman 2

My seven year old created a derpy looking dog with a long, narrow nose, a floppy tongue and a crazy staring eye.

Cardboard Sculpture - Derpy Dog

My 13 year old created a narwhal which was a challenge because of the long narrow horn and the need to find a way to make the whole thing balance out.

Cardboard Sculpture - Narwhal

My 9 year old constructed an adorable Tyrannosaurus Rex with a fantastic overbite.

Cardboard Sculpture - T Rex

My effort was a rhino and I used an old cereal box I had been using as underpaper when painting for months so it was splattered with colour.

Cardboard Sculpture - Rhino



7 thoughts on “Cardboard Sculptures

  1. I was already too excited with CSI:Squirrel but….oh well, maybe next time. But…wait a minute….the excitement is on again with these great cardboard characters! Hats off to your 10 yr old for making Batman who will be ruling all the animals everyone of you did! 😀

  2. I loved creating characters and creatures with cardboard when I was a kid! What a fun project you did! Have you and your kids created a cardboard “space station” or ‘castle” or any other cardboard building complete with doors, trapdoors and windows that move? I also enjoyed making cardboard “environments” for my cardboard critters… Lol!

    • We haven’t done that this summer yet but have during previous projects. We made the castle one summer when studying knights and castles as our theme. We also made a trebuchet. We used to do a lot of junk modeling but have not done that in a while either. It’s fun seeing what they come up with given a pile of recycling, some tape and a stapler.

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