Ink Blot Art

First of all let me state that this idea is not original to me.  I picked it up from somewhere but never made a note of where or from whom.  Therefore, if you recognise this activity and know where it originated then let me know so that I can add a credit here.

The idea behind this creative activity is a bit like a Rorschach Test whereby identifiable forms are glimpsed in ink blots.  A brush is liberally drenched in juicy India ink and then used to make marks on the paper in a completely instinctive way with no preconceived ideas as to placement, width, shape.  The resulting shapes are then considered and added to using ink pen to transform the random inky blots into recognisable images.

My 13 year old made marks that I thought suggested numbers.  He then turned these into funny little people – one of whom is being a bit rude and mooning.  Because my kid is a 13 year old boy.

Ink Blot Art AB2

Ink Blot Art AB1

My 9 year old thought his haphazard zigzagging looked like a tornado so he developed that idea into a twisting storm.

Ink Blot Art ET

The frenetic mark making of my ten year old, who is a comic book nut, suggested to him the symbiote from Spiderman, all lashing black shapeshifting and gnashing sharp teeth.

Ink Blot Art OA

My 7 year old got very excited about getting to use Mummy’s ink so he absolutely saturated his art journal pages in the jet black liquid and then got impatient about waiting for it to dry.  He turned the huge black blobs into faces.

Ink Blot Art AR1

Ink Blot Art AR2

I came up with three weirdly proportioned people and an alien.

Ink Blot Art Laura













16 thoughts on “Ink Blot Art

  1. We used to do something like this when I was a kid–roughly, I’d say, junior high school age. The first kid would draw a squiggle and the second kid had to make a drawing from it. It was endlessly absorbing.

  2. Nice! I like your slinky art-deco style lady, and that symbiote is a great scary looking monster. The idea reminds me a bit of “taking your pencil for a walk” where you draw a meandering line and then fill in the spaces with colours or patterns 😀

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