Colour Block Silhouettes

Another of our summer “pot luck” activities was a study of shape and colour.  The idea was to create a silhouette, divide it up into sections, and then fill it with different shades of the same colour.

My ten year old, a comic book fanatic, decided to draw the recognisable silhouette of Batman.  Green is his favourite colour so he filled Batman with shades of green and that made us think how cool it would be if farmers could make their fields into silhouettes so we could all enjoy the fun shapes when flying overhead.

Colour Block Silhouette OA

My nine year old kept things simple and symmetrical with the clean shape of a butterfly.  He used gold and silver gel pen to colour it in which gave it a very pleasing shimmer in the sunlight.

Colour Block Silhouette ET

My thirteen year old chose a love heart and filled it with mostly metallic blue gel pen ink.  The glossiness of it made me think of a faceted gem stone.

Colour Block Silhouette AB

My seven year old went off piste a bit.  That is OK.  It is all about being creative after all.  He drew funny little monster characters and divided them up using lines and then coloured them.  One is a wee weirdo guy he called an “Igor beetle” and one is – as he explained – a “vampire butterfly”.

Colour Block Silhouette AR1

Colour Block Silhouette AR2

I drew the silhouette of a pig and coloured it using watercolour pencils in neutral, stone shades.  It kind of looks like a patio shaped like a pig.

Colour Block Silhouette LR

18 thoughts on “Colour Block Silhouettes

  1. From a fellow PA immigrant (although I only moved here from Baltimore MD haha) Welcome! The drawings look relaxing!

      • In my household, we consider pretzels vegetables and ALWAYS have bag lying around! (Pretzels are made of flour, is made of wheat, wheat is a grain, which is a VEGETABLE haha!)

      • I like your thinking! I don’t like pretzels but I’m going to apply that to tortilla chips. My kids had barely ever tasted a soft pretzel when we lived in Scotland but they soon became addicted to pretzels upon arriving in PA.

  2. Reminds me of my old lost sketchbook. I am 19 and still do such miserable things. πŸ˜› Lovely post. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh, I love your six-year-old’s stuff! I wish I could colour outside the lines with as much authority and abandon! Confident use of colour, too. The batman tower in greens is also gorgeous…dang, I should really make time to visit your blog more often (now that I’ve got internet access) there’s so much going on! This is my quiet morning treat, today…sifting back through your posts until I have to make lunch. πŸ™‚

      • You know I am so bad at commenting on other people’s blogs, though I often lurk just to see what you’re up to. While you have been so consistently generous with your time, commenting on my posts, I feel ashamed. I am so looking forward to getting back home, to an internet connection in my home, and spending more time building and nourishing my internet friendships. Some of the nicest people I now *know* are internet folks I don’t really know at all. Be nice to connect on a more real level.

  4. This is another great idea! And it’s so interesting to see how each of you takes the prompt and puts their own unique stamp on it. Your 7 year old actually reminds me a bit of myself at that age… everything had to be a monster, ghost or vampire πŸ˜€

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