Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

This week’s Life Book lesson was taken by Tamara Laporte and demonstrated a paint over collage technique.  The subject of the painting was to be a figure with an animal and we were encouraged to choose an animal companion that reflected an aspect of ourselves (I think – I skipped that bit of the lesson).  Laporte’s exemplar depicted a wolf and as soon as I saw that I had a notion to paint Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.  For some reason, that is a subject I return to time and again with my art.  I have even shared a couple of examples on my blog, one in my art journal and one in an altered book.

My collage layer was a bit of a mess and I was not altogether happy with the scale of the wolf but my oldest son needed to use the computer so I had to use the picture I had already printed out.  It was not as if I was aiming for realism anyway.

Week 24 - Red Riding Hood and Wolf- Collage Layer

For some reason, whenever I paint over a collaged face, the chin and jaw always ends up too heavy.  So odd.  Indeed, I think the only trace of the original image is the eyes and the lips.  The Wolf also ended up looking a bit smiley.  I don’t think he was intimidating Little Red Riding Hood or anyone else on the path through the woods. Incidentally, the moon disc behind the figures is silver.  It just does not photograph well and looks flat grey.  I have definitely done better paintings over collage in the past but, ho hum, another lesson ticked off the list nevertheless.

Week 24 - Red Riding Hood and Wolf


20 thoughts on “Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

      • Well I’ve skipped this week’s Let’s Face It lesson. I might come back to it if I have time but right now I don’t and I knew it would be a challenging lesson for me and not especially my cup of tea anyway so I thought it was OK to skip it for now.

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