Open Every Door

This week’s Colour Me Positive theme was Opportunities.  I did not have a clear idea for my page but I knew I only had a brief chunk of time in which to work in my art journal this week so I just set about laying paint down on the page and seeing what emerged.  Somehow I feel better able to work intuitively in my art journal in a way that I just can’t with other, more focused art projects.  I am still getting to know the Dylusions paints so I thought it would be a good idea to play with those.  What I discovered was that, while the paints are wonderfully vibrant and bold, they don’t layer easily.  Unless applied really thickly, the previous layer shows through too much.  I also discovered that the white sucked up pigment from the previous layer.  I still really like how thickly textured they are and how strong the colour is but it is useful to know the limits of these paints.  Anyway, I just kept painting and printing and drawing and seeing what emerged which turned out to be a female face with a long trail of hair sweeping vertically up the page.  It still had nothing to do with opportunities, of course, so I decided to chuck a quotation on the page – lines from a short poem by Emily Dickinson – using a Posca paint pen.

23 - Open Every Door - Art Journal Page

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