Flowers in her Hair

The subject of this week’s Let’s Face It lesson was a flower goddess.  The lesson was taken by Ady Almanza who had also taught the lesson on drawing an older face.  We are still working on full profiles on the course and I am finding it to be the most challenging so far.  Somehow I throw out all the proportions and angles when I draw a face in full profile.  I did not make any progress in that regard with this painting.  Profiles continue to be my portrait nemesis.  Almanza demonstrated a nifty way to use gesso to create the texture of the hair.  While it was a technique I found effective, I think the rest of my painting is a bit flat by comparison so there was a bit of a disconnect there.  If profiles are one art nemesis, painting flowers are another.  As per the spirit of the lesson, I painted flowers and leafy vines into the hair – and instantly hated them.  I think I actually might paint right over the top of them.

Week 22 Profile with Flowers in Hair

8 thoughts on “Flowers in her Hair

  1. I like the hair a lot. And I like how you did the shoulder. I also like the elongated neck. To me, it looks purposeful, the proportions you have chosen. Not necessarily “real”, but a coherent whole, and I also wonder what this lady’s story is, with the flowers flowing along her hair.

  2. I like her. I like that you put the flowers and vines in her hair and not on top or around her head. Its a different approach and its so successful in my opinion. I always look forward to your girls from this class as you always listen to your inner voice and incorporate the lesson into your own style, owning and claiming it.

    • Thank you, Carrie Lynn. I’m definitely determined to make each lesson mesh with my own style otherwise there’s no long term learning outcome for me. I’m currently trying to figure out how to make this week’s lesson work for me in that way.

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