Grungy Girl

Last week’s Life Book lesson was taken by Jenny Grant.  Her style was described as ethereal yet grungy so that was the objective of the lesson, to use her approach to layering to create an outcome that was a bit grubby and  messy yet aesthetically appealing.  Given my history of making mud when using more than a couple of layers, it was a challenging balance to strike.

As per normal, I deviated a little from the tutorial partly through pragmatism (I do not own all the required materials) and partly through choice (so that I can make the lesson fit my own style).  The colour scheme was inspired by the top I happened to be wearing at the time but pink and turquoise seems to be a palette I keep returning to anyway.  I, of course, enjoyed all the opportunities for dribbling and splattering.  I think the trails of ink are my favourite element of this piece.  Hopefully the close up shows that I used pearlescent paint in the hair and eyes, aiming for the sheen of those areas to counterpoint the darker areas of the painting.

Week 23 - Grungy Girl 1

Week 23 - Grungy Girl 2

8 thoughts on “Grungy Girl

    • Thank you. I’m so far keeping up (though I’ve chosen to skip a couple of lessons that weren’t very me) which is good because I know I will fall behind over summer break with having four kids home all day. Keeping up now will help me catch up again when they go back to school in September.

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