May Girl

This week’s Let’s Face It lesson was an easily digested bonus lesson from Muriel Stegers.  The last lesson of hers led me to paint the Girl with Bronze Eyes and I noted that I kept drawing the same type of face over and over.  I, therefore, made a conscious effort to draw a different type of face, rounder, softer, broader, maybe a bit younger.

I chose my colours based on the flowers that are blooming in my garden, especially the azaleas and rhododendrons, because I am enjoying seeing everything bursting into bold life during this grey and soggy spring.  She’s the colour of May.  I used the purple for the shadows in her skin tones.  I cannot decide whether I think that is effective or not.  I need to ruminate on that a little longer.  I do think I achieved my personal goal of painting a rounder face.

Week 20 May Girl


12 thoughts on “May Girl

  1. Oh yes she definitely looks younger and very classy. She reminds me of one of my nieces that I have not seen in a long time. Yes, I think your painting is also a Carmen, my niece’s name.

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