Radiating Light

This week’s Life Book lesson was taken by Renata Loree.  I loved that it was a lesson about layering with watercolour because watercolour and ink are my artistic comfort zones but layering with several layers is not.  I, therefore, felt like this was a good opportunity for making some progress with that aspect of my art work.

The concept behind the lesson, as I understood it, was to depict a figure with an integrated mandala representing energy and light radiating outwards.  I did not even attempt a mandala because, as I have proved, they are not really within my wheelhouse.  I, therefore, drew concentric rings so that visually I could aim for a similar concept of radiating or spiralling outwards.  It is not clear in the photo but there is silver paint in the centre of the circle and its very perimeter.  I really enjoyed the layering process and it was all going well right up until the point where I added neutral colours for the skin and hair tones.  That was when it all went a bit muddy and murky.  I should have stuck with it all being in cool colours.  The additional challenge of the lesson was to draw a face tilting upwards.  I ended up with a face that just looked squished and weird.  Fail.  Bizarrely, I thought the hand was going to give me the most trouble but it ended up being my favourite part of the piece.  Lessons learned aplenty.

Week 21 - Radiating Light

16 thoughts on “Radiating Light

  1. Beautiful hand! I think the face is good, too. The angle gives her a pensive quality…as though she’s looking off into the universe. I see her as very “connected” with a divine energy. I love the colorful background. Very creative!

  2. I don’t know what you’re talking about, “fail”. I think this portrait is very successful, the head looks great to me, uptilted and searching. I only wish she were smiling, she looks sad at what she is seeing, but that’s for another story, right? And the hand is perfect. Success, I think.

    • Thank you. I think the mouth looks that way simply because the tilt of the head led me to place the features with a downward curve. Perhaps next time I attempt a tilted head I should use a reference photo to help me place the features.

  3. Is that your first upward looking face? I see the slight off in the jaw line, but it isn’t what pulls my attention as viewer. [Doing the work means you know every darn thing that deviates from perfection doesn’t it!] Hands are my “Gah!!!” Well done!!

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