A Sense of Wonder

This week’s Colour Me Positive theme was all about Wonder.  The supporting quotation was one Plato attributed to Socrates: “Wisdom beings in Wonder”.  I really engage with that idea, that knowledge and wisdom emerges from the exploration, diligent learning, and experience that is driven by wonder, inquisitiveness and curiosity, the need to search for answers.  As a bookish nerd, that really speaks to me.  An additional prompt suggested adding bubbles to the page somewhere.

I was at my monthly art journalling meet up group on Sunday and decided to work on my prompt page.  I have no idea why the idea popped into my head but I do know I was feeling in an illustrative mood so I sketched out this little figure of a child floating in space, awed and amazed and in wonderment at the universe.  I hope the facial expression suggests wonder.  The helmet can be a nod to the bubble prompt.  As I was in a coffee shop and had my limited travel art supplies with me, this was drawn with micron pens and watercolour pencils which I activated with water once I was home.

Dare I say it myself but I think this is a pretty charming little illustration and I am really rather pleased with how it turned out.

20 - Wonder - Art Journal Page 1

20 - Wonder - Art Journal Page 2

17 thoughts on “A Sense of Wonder

    • Thank you, Mark. I always appreciate your feedback. I like to think that the courses I’m taking, which force me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things, are helping me refine my own approach to my own art.

  1. I think this one is perfect. I knew right away that the figure was gasping in awe. And the proportions and the body part shapes – I love how the person looks right, but is made of parts that don’t – and the whole effect is so pleasing (I also think the child looks very limber, like children do). Just wow! I think working quickly and letting things flow is working for you here. Wow!

    • Wow, Claudia! Lots of superlatives in your comment. Thank you. You do my ego good. I definitely think I work best when I remove pressure from myself. Sometimes the artistic stars just align for me I think.

      • And sometimes letting the thinking stop and the hands just do their work seems to free something in the process, doesn’t it? It’s great when that happens, what a good feeling, and also the outcome is often so nice, too.

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