Juggling all the Balls

This week’s Colour Me Positive theme was about Balance.  Balance was my focal word and life goal in 2015 so it was interesting to revisit the topic.  As I have mentioned before, I came to realise that I had allowed my life to become unbalanced, permitted myself to become frazzled, come to think of myself as constantly failing to meet muster, because I was attempting to juggle far too many balls.  By focusing on restoring a better balance into my life in 2015, I determined that I did not have to juggle all of the balls all of the time, did not have to keep them all in perpetual motion.  There are glass balls that are fragile and vulnerable and which I absolutely cannot allow to drop – nurturing my kids, for instance – and there are rubber balls that really don’t matter that much in the whole big scheme of things – dusting always comes to mind – and which I can allow to drop because they just bounce and come back anyway.

This little ink illustration, therefore, is a visual representation of that metaphor that I refer back to from time to time to keep me from getting overly frazzled again.  It is essentially little blobby me trying to balance a whole little universe of spheres but knowing it is OK if a few of them stop spinning and fall to the ground.

19 - Balance - Art Journal Page

16 thoughts on “Juggling all the Balls

    • It has taken my longer than it ought to have done to realize that it’s OK to let some of those things go from time to time. Control Freak me still has issues surrounding that but I’m getting there. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  1. Love! Love! Love! Life is difficult enough and here we are trying our best to balance everything. Its okay to fall and strive to come back again. Spices of life.

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