Girl in Grey and Gold

Last week’s Let’s Face It lesson was taken by Kara Bullock.  The focus of the lesson was on rendering flesh tones in tones of grey and then introducing a pop of a single colour.  Again wanting to meld the lesson content with my own illustrative style, I drew from my imagination rather than using any reference material.  In doing so, I notice that my faces all tend to look pretty similar. I am not sure whether that is a good thing or not: does it signify that I have a strong style or does it indicate that I am stuck in a rut?  I chose yellow for my contrasting colour.  I thought it would complement the grey and add brightness to a painting that is otherwise very dark.  I find it difficult to resist metallics so I introduced some gold elements in the headpiece and around the neckline.  I enjoyed rendering the face in monochrome but I definitely need to work on making the faces I draw more varied.

Week 18 Flesh Tones in Greyscale

18 thoughts on “Girl in Grey and Gold

    • Thank you very much, Mike. I appreciate your supportive comment. I’m pleased with the colour combination too. The yellow really pops against the grey and contributes some warmth to the piece.

    • Thank you very much, Deanna. I think it is probably the diadem that suggests something from the classical era. That wasn’t conscious but it may be the influence of my husband who is obsessed with all things ancient Rome. I am just better at dots than at flowers and that is why she ended up with that headdress.

    • Thanks! A number of people have said that so I guess I should just go with it and let that be my style certainly when it comes to faces rendered in acrylic which I’m not so adept at using.

  1. I do not think that you are stuck in a rut, Laura. Your own unique style is showing even if most of them have very strong features. Embrace those strong features, they are beautiful. Also, I think your decision with the gray and yellow color combo was great. She looks very regal in that combination.

    • Thank you very much for your encouraging comment. I think when I embark on the project to draw 100 faces I will aim for more variety and hopefully that will translate into more variety in my paintings too.

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