Doodle Heart Woman

The week 18 prompts for Colour Me Positive were focused on the theme of Healing.  If you have visited my blog often enough, you will know that I tend to bypass any of the art therapy or meditative elements of lessons in the online courses I participate in.  That does not mean, however, that I do not believe in the healing or otherwise transformative power of art or other forms of creativity; it just isn’t for me, isn’t what inspires me.  That said, I definitely find art to be calming and to provide useful decompression and I function better in weeks when I have a reasonable chunk of time for art.

One of the additional or sub-prompts was to use a heart or hearts so I chose to focus on that.  Hearts find their way into my art work quite frequently either as features or as doodles.  They have a pleasing and familiar shape.  I decided to make a heart a focal point on my page.  I drew a figure in ink and filled her body and hair with doodles as I wanted to keep the page largely monochrome.  The one splash of colour was the bright red ink to colour in the heart.  The whole thing was pretty quick and easy to do as I was able to fill in all the doodles while watching a movie with my kids.  I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

18 - Heart - Doodle


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