Older and Wiser

Aging has never been something that bothers me.  I am quite happy to confide my true age to anyone who cares to ask.  I have always been a tomboy scruff who never wears cosmetics beyond the once-in-a-blue-moon lipstick and eye shadow if I am going somewhere super fancy so I most definitely look my age.  My hair is streaked with grey.  My kids’ friends sometimes comment on it because, of course, most mothers my age dye their hair.  I explain that those are my silver wisdom stripes because, as we all know, older goes hand in hand with wiser.  This past week, two of my kids had birthdays.  One turned 9 and my oldest turned 13.  That means I am now the mother of a teenager.  I am embarking on a whole new phase of my life but that is cool.  I am the middle-aged mother of a teenager.  I embrace it.

This week’s Let’s Face It lesson was taken by Ady Almanza.  The purpose of the lesson was to paint an older female face.  This is something I definitely need practice with.  I last painted an older female face when I produced the Gaia piece and I think I did much better with that piece.  I think what I have ended up with is, at best, a middle-aged female face.  Definitely an area of people drawing and painting that still needs work then.

Week 15 Older Female Face

12 thoughts on “Older and Wiser

    • Thanks, Hannah. I confess that I am possibly much less an active advocate for embracing growing older and more just not bothered about doing anything to try and retain my youth. Certainly where my appearance is concerned, that is a big factor. However, I definitely think that each new year of my life brings with it new challenges, experiences, joys, peaks and troughs so I am all for it. If I was to keep trying to cling to times past then I would be missing out on all the really good stuff in my present.

  1. I’ve never been too worried about aging. I don’t ‘like’ the side effects. My legs hurt, my back can hurt. I get tired more easily. But I am not trying to regain lost youth, I don’t get that attitude either. And living in LA for many years I have seen that go terribly wrong! ; > We’ll see how my attitude changes If I make it through another 45 or so years!

    • I hear you. I am definitely reaching the stage of starting to fall to pieces but as long as it is nothing major and the process is gradual then it is all good. And I am definitely not risking being mutton dressed as lamb, that’s for sure.

    • Thanks, Van. I have dyed my hair precisely once in my life. My sisters convinced me to give it a go. It didn’t take. I was glad. I got my first grey hair at 20 anyway so wisdom stripes are my youth.

  2. Your painting is lovely! I love her laugh lines!

    Getting old was never a problem for me too. I accepted and embraced it to be the natural course in life. Wisdom which comes synonymous with age is something I look forward to.

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