The week 15 theme for Colour Me Positive was Happy.  The accompanying quotation was courtesy of Buddha: “There is no path to happiness; happiness is the path”.  What Buddha failed to mention is that the path sometimes has roadblocks of despair and sometimes you trip over rocks of stress or have to wade through the mud of life’s challenges.  Can you tell I am not a sunny optimist?  I may not be in possession of a sunny disposition but I am generally a happy person.  There are lots of things that make me happy from the big things – my husband and sons – to the little things – like birds singing outside my window – but I had absolutely zilch in the way of inspiration when I sat down with my art journal to work on my prompt page.

Faced with zip visual ideas about happiness, I decided to challenge myself to just do something abstract.  I just started playing around with ink, putting no thought into it whatsoever, just going with the flow.  A bit of stamping, doodling, and spattering later, I decided to stop and leave it alone.  I like the colours.  They make me happy.  That’s all I’ve got in response to this art journal page.  Not my best effort.  Going with the flow and doing something abstract maybe isn’t my thing.

15 - Happiness - Art Journal Page

7 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Maybe with more practice you might be able to get your groove and love the process. Though I think we realist wit pessimistic tendencies will really have a difficult part in that department. Still, in my opinion your page turned out balanced in all aspects.

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