Girl with Bronze Eyes

Last week’s Let’s Face It lesson was taken by Muriel Stegers.  I had to improvise a fair bit with the materials and I didn’t follow the subject of the portrait but I did paint over collage, use metallic paints, and lots of dribble which were major elements in the lesson.

I am not sure how I feel about my outcome.  I like the degree of blending in the skin tones and I like the metallic elements, especially the bronze irises.  I also like that the collage layer adds a layer of interest to the background.  However, the ear lobe is too high on the head, I think the liberal use of metallic paint might be a bit overwhelming, and I think all the dribble at the bottom of the painting detracts from the face.

Week 14 Portrait Metallic Bronze 1

Week 14 Portrait Metallic Bronze 3

16 thoughts on “Girl with Bronze Eyes

  1. I think you have painted better faces – but I like the use of the copper – and I do like the dribbles at the bottom …….. and I think the face outline is good too. In fact, as I discovered just now, if you look at the close up from below the eyes, the lower part of the face is really nicely structured and drawn! A success 🙂

  2. I think there is something mysterious about her pose and her eyes. These questions are at the top of my mind when I saw her – what is she trying to say, what is in her thoughts, what does she really want to convey. I like how you use the metallic paints and the dribbles on her dress. The dribbles are kind of one of your constants, kind of a signature thing. 🙂

    • Thanks, Carrie Lynn. Yes, I do love to add dribble and spatter. I just don’t know that it works being confined to one area. In the lesson, the dribble was actually for a wing as the figure was an angel. I didn’t want a wing so I changed where the dribble was in the composition.

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