Hold on to Hope

This week’s Colour Me Positive was on the theme of Hope.  My kids and I are all mythology nerds so, for that reason, when I read the word “hope” in isolation and free of context, I automatically think of Pandora, opening that box and unleashing all the nasties and leaving only hope inside.  It is not that long since I drew Pandora, however, so I did not repeat that subject but it definitely inspired me.  I focused in on the idea of managing to keep hold of hope, keep it safely enclosed within that box, and that phrase – holding on to hope – then informed the way the page evolved: a visual representation of holding on to hope even in dark times.

I wanted to have another attempt at the technique I used in my recent portrait for a Let’s Face It lesson, of painting over a background and carving out elements of the painting as negative shapes.  In doing so, I was also able to surround the figure in darkness.  The black paint carving out the blue shapes helps, I think, for the gold to be a more emphatic element in the page.  I like this negative space technique.  I think I am going to keep experimenting with it.

14 - Hold on to Hope - Art Journal Page

25 thoughts on “Hold on to Hope

      • Haha, very clever 🙂 you are such an art extraordinaire 🙂 I was looking into that nestie girl course that is ran by the same lady who runs let’s face it, it sounds very good 🙂

      • I am really enjoying both and think I am getting something out of both. Life Book is obviously way more varied, with more diverse subjects, approaches, and styles and – as a result – some lessons can be a miss for me but not many at all. Let’s Face It obviously focuses on the one subject but I am enjoying learning different approaches to tackling constructing a painting or drawing of a human face. I have enjoyed every lesson so far. I obviously committed to two year long courses but dipping your toe into a shorter, more focused course is probably a sensible first step.

      • The materials vary from lesson to lesson, depending on the tutor. I improvise a lot with whatever media I actually own. A lot of mixed media work does involve acrylic though because it layers so well. I have a set of Liquitex Basics that I use and I also have some cheap craft acrylics that I can use for things like backgrounds. Most courses will have a suggested materials list that is worth looking at.

    • Thank you. I loved creating that. I did it with finger painting so as to achieve the smudgy glow at the edge of it and the metallic acrylic is so thick that it was a very fun tactile experience. I actually finger painting the background layer too. Lots of messy fun.

      • Write that down. More finger painting. Good results and lots of fun, meets all art criteria.

        I understand what you mean, it’s a reason I like working with clay. Direct contact with the medium is different.

  1. She is wonderfully made and I guess lovingly too. There is something very intriguing about her expression other than hope. More hope maybe…truly something very very positive.

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