Lady of Compassion

The objective of this week’s Life Book lesson was to create a depiction of a figure called the “Lady of Self-Compassion”.  The tutor was Shiloh Sophia whose approach to creativity is reminiscent of art therapy.  I can see why that appeals to lots of people but the sort of introspection involved, the personalisation of the art project, is not really my sort of thing.  I, therefore, had to decide how to take some of the elements of the lesson and make them work for me.  I took the idea of a female face surrounded by fluid lines and bold use of colour all painted intuitively.  I also aimed for a serene, calm face that could suggest compassion but I totally failed on that front.  I think that was too ambitious for an ink drawing with no pencil guidelines.  I used India ink for all the line work and then added some colour by using Dylusions inks as if they were watercolour or bottle inks, an idea inspired by Carrie Lynn Cordero.  It is not a very successful piece and I think in part that was because I just wasn’t “feeling” this lesson.  However, I skipped last week’s Life Book lesson for the same reason and did not want to skip another one.  The upside is that this female face is much softer and doesn’t have the heavy jawline that has been a feature of my female faces for a while.

Week 14 - Female Face - Compassion - Flowing Lines


5 thoughts on “Lady of Compassion

  1. I like the way you use the india ink for all the line work and for how brave how you were to use it without a pencil sketch. Hi-five for being so bold. The wonky chin, it added character to your face. I’d like to think that you are not aiming for perfection, only something that you have envisioned, always at the learning journey. Thank you for the mention. I hope you had fun using dylusions as watercolours.

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