Forget Me Not

This week’s Life Book lesson was all about keeping things simple.  Taken by Angela Kennedy, the tutorial was all about creating a monochrome line drawing with just a few splashes of colour.  I really like Kennedy’s style because she works with mixed media in a more illustrative way and, of course, what I am striving to do is develop my skills with paint and mixed media but apply them to my usual illustrative style.

My favourite flowers are Forget Me Nots so I decided to reference those in my piece.  I really like the smudgy dark lines of the drawing and the way the starkness of the figure contrasts with the small areas of colour.  Compositionally, however, I have ended up with all of the colour being in the left and lower diagonal of the piece whereas the upper right diagonal is more spare and monochromatic.  I am not convinced that it being off kilter to that degree works.  I am still labelling this one an overall success, however.

Week 12 - Monochrome with pop of Colour - Forget Me Not


14 thoughts on “Forget Me Not

  1. I agree with you about the confusion over the whole composition – it shouldn’t work, but somehow or other it does. The figure itself is lovely, just waiting to be inlaid with the coloured glass pieces. Sometimes less is more – I must try and remember this! 🙂

  2. Loving the simple lines of this painting Laura. For some reason I love the asymmetry in balance maybe because my eyes were caught by the colored flowers first then to her lovely face.

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