3/4 Face Mapping

The focus of the Let’s Face It lessons changed this week from front facing portraits to 3/4 facing portraits.  For the first lesson on the theme, Kara Bullock demonstrated how to map a face at that angle.  The assignment for this week was to use pencil to draw a 3/4 face.  I am actually fairly comfortable drawing a face at that angle.  Where I need practice is with full profile or close enough that the nose breaks the cheek line and also where the head tilts either upwards or downwards.  That is not to suggest, however, that I do not need any practice at all because of course I do.

It was suggested that we use a photograph as the scaffolding for our drawings.  As I am not comfortable using photographs taken by others, I contemplated looking online for a vintage (and, therefore, copyright free) photograph to use – as I had done for a similar lesson on front facing portrait – but in the end I decided to challenge myself to draw a portrait from my imagination, striving for greater realism than with the faces I drew earlier in the course.  I am fairly happy with the face as a drawing but I think I went a bit wild creating the “bohemian” hair and lost the underlying shape of the head a bit in doing so.  The face actually reminds me of someone but I cannot quite put my finger on who.

Week 11 - Three Quarter Face Mapping

17 thoughts on “3/4 Face Mapping

  1. I’d love to say it looks a little like me – but alas no….. I do think it does have a hint of Cate Blanchett playing Elizabeth I though ……. I’d be really happy if could produce something so realistic, well balanced and full of personality! Good work!!

    • Thank you very much. Cate Blanchett is very striking. I would love to be able to draw her. My ten year old solved the riddle of who I thought it reminded me of: the actress Elizabeth Olsen.

  2. Oh yes , yes, she looks familiar! Your portrait reminded me of a local model/actress I am a fan of. Though she sports a straight hair, you definitely captured her strong features in this drawing. If you did not tell that she came from your imagination, I would have asked you if you tried drawing from Isabelle Daza’s photos.

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