Spider-Cat and the ’70s Wallpaper

Other than our “vintage” bathrooms, by far and away the renovation job Mr Pict and I most dread and which we will probably procrastinate over for at least an eon is the wallpaper in the master bedroom.  This is no ordinary wallpaper.  This is 1970s grass wallpaper, all murky browns and hairy texture and all adhered to the wall using the toughest glue imaginable.  That would be quite horrendous enough but the previous owner had wallpapered every single surface in the room: every wall, every door, the light switches, and the air vents.  It is like being in a forest of hairy wallpaper and not in a cosy fairytale either.  We console ourselves with the fact that at least it was 1970s brown that was chosen and not bright magenta.  That would be much more difficult to live with while we decide how to problem solve the wallpaper horror.

So we hate the wallpaper in our bedroom but it turns out we know someone who loves it: Peanut the kitten.  Peanut is mischievous and likes to explore.  He likes to do parkour using our furniture.  Turns out, he also loves to scale walls that are covered in hairy 1970s wallpaper.  To Peanut, our bedroom is essentially a really large scratching post.  The first time I discovered this new activity of his, I saw it out of the corner of my eye and thought I was imagining things.  But, no, my cat was scaling the walls, Spider-Man style, and was then shuffling around the ceiling level of the room like a Bat-Crab.  If Bat-Crabs were a thing.  Maybe Peanut will somehow manage to remove the hideous wallpaper for me.

2016-03-12 15.05.46-1

2016-03-12 15.07.14

PS I still don’t have a working camera (*sob*) so that is my explanation for the cruddy phone photos.

22 thoughts on “Spider-Cat and the ’70s Wallpaper

  1. This is just fantastic and exactly why I love cats so much. What a great guy he is!

    I have removed wallpaper and I actually liked doing it – I did one in which the wallpaper had actual leaves incorporated in it, and it was even on the ceiling of the room. Ugh, but what a good feeling to see it GO.

    I recommend professional removal. Cheaper and sanity saving, in the long run, and they will prepare the wall for painting, quite often, as well.

    • Indeed, I think this is one job where we will get someone in. Steaming it off will risk damaging the plasterboard underneath and I have a history of skin burns when messing with chemical strippers. It definitely calls for more skill than I can muster. You have made me glad that at least the ceiling does not have wallpaper on it.

      • Yes, because I am telling you, it is not nice when the remover stuff is dripping all over you and you have to wear goggles and a hat. But otherwise, I did like stripping the papers – there was a very happy feeling about removing such ugliness and I discovered that I had a skill in getting paper off neatly, not that useful in daily life but bragworthy if I need to come up with something!

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