Girl with Flowers in her Hair

Feeling like my mixed media mojo might be returning after creating the painting for this week’s Life Book lesson, I decided to jump right into this week’s painting for Let’s Face It.  I had a free morning with no commitments or obligations so I thought I would just leap right in and try my best.

The lesson was taken by Kara Bullock and was the last lesson on the theme of front facing portraits. My favourite part of the painting is the grungy background.  I like messy, textured backgrounds – which is why I often dribble and spatter paint – so that is a technique I will definitely use again.  I also like the way the aqua colour works against the umber and unbleached titanium to create an almost verdigris effect.  The juxtaposition of the somewhat sickly flesh tones against the bright diadem of alizarin crimson flowers is very weird, almost disconcerting, but also oddly pleasing.  Again, I can see many flaws in this painting but at least I feel like I am headed in a forward motion with my mixed media learning once more.

Week 10 - Girl with Flowers in her Hair



14 thoughts on “Girl with Flowers in her Hair

  1. Laura, I think that your time when you felt your skills were slipping must have been a reconsolidation of technique–your use of color is wonderful. I love the verdigris effect.

    • Thank you very much, Hannah. I am finding, I think, that when I have too much going on in my life, that is when my art suffers in quality. Perhaps a drop in effort and too much rush is to blame. And because mixed media is still not yet an instinctive thing for me, that is probably why I experienced the backwards steps. That was what was great about my altered book project – I had a routine and a rhythm going so could complete an illustration in no time at all, including interruptions and distractions.

  2. I love this Laura! I’m usually not a portrait fan, but the color you have used to contour her face is very beautiful. It fits perfectly on the background, and I think you chose just the perfect red for the flowers and lipstick. Very, very well done!

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