Wings and Light

I have been in a bit of a mixed media doldrums in recent weeks.  I feel as if I have been going backwards rather than forwards with my skills, making messes rather than progress.  Granted I have had two weeks of having a different kid home sick from school following on from a week of having no heating in the house, I have been juggling a lot, my free time has been squeezed and choked, my creative mojo has been wilting, but I feel as if my mixed media abilities have atrophied or at best plateaued.  This week’s Life Book lesson, therefore, was a test of whether I could get things heading in the right direction again.

This week’s lesson was taken by Tamara Laporte which was a good start since Tam is always upbeat and sunshiney and positive with a “can do” attitude.  I also find that I can better mesh my own style with her lessons than with some other tutors.  The learning focus of the lesson was creating a darker skin tone for a winged figure.  There was a second learning opportunity which was using molding paste to create texture but, since I do not own molding paste, I did not do that part of the lesson.

The things I like about my painting are the peacock feather, jewel colours; the way the green eyes pop; and the way the tilted head makes the figure look as if she is daydreaming.  While it may not represent great progress with mixed media, I at least feel as though this is a step forward rather than backwards.  Let’s hope I keep moving in that direction.

Week 11 - Wings and Light

23 thoughts on “Wings and Light

  1. But don’t forget, it’s all about finding what you like and don’t like – success lies in working every day as you have been doing for so long now. Maybe it’s just one of those little plateaus we arrive at and wander across aimlessly just before we find ourselves flying once more ….. I love the colour mixes you are achieving.

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