Take a Line for a Walk

The Colour Me Positive prompt for week 9 was all about being playful and embracing one’s inner child.  You know, that thing that control freak me has trouble with.  However, an art journal is a far easier context for me to let loose and mess around than when creating a response to an art course lesson.

I had a page in my art journal that was just covered in puddles of watercolour.  I had used it to demonstrate wet on wet techniques to my kids.  I thought, therefore, that this prompt would make good use of this page.  I have also been using single line drawings with my boys, which we refer to as taking a line for a walk, so I decided to deploy that same technique on my page.  I, therefore, drew the face without lifting my pen from the page.  I used a fountain pen rather than my dip pen to assist me with that.  I added little details to the features using coloured pen and pencil just to make those elements pop a bit against the watercolour background.

9 - Play Like a Child - Take a Line for a Walk - Art Journal Page


6 thoughts on “Take a Line for a Walk

  1. That is so cool! I don’t think I could do something that good in a hundred years! And the whole concept is inspired– drawing on a page that’s already been soaked with watercolor. It all works beautifully.

    I must ask: did you make a thumbnail sketch somewhere? Or perhaps put a light pencil outline on the painted page? Anything to help guide you? Or was the line drawing entirely freeform, and off the top of your head? Either way, you have a wonderful intuitive artistic sense.

    I love the different colored eyes, and the tiny colored oval that helps define the chin. Beautiful work, Laura!! : )

    • Thank you very much, Mark. No, it’s completely free form with no prior sketching or planning. I got myself painted into a corner a few times but I just retraced over lines to get me to a spot where the pen could take off again.

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