Weirdo Cupid

In keeping with Valentine’s Day, this week’s Colour Me Positive art journal prompt was the word “heart” and the idea of putting one’s whole heart into things we commit to.  This week I decided to ignore the quotation prompt and instead focus on the challenge which was to use collage.  With Valentine’s Day and hearts and collage scuttering and flittering around in my mind, I came up with the idea of making a weirdo cupid figure in my journal.

I thought collage would be a nice break from all my illustrations I have been producing recently and so it proved to be.  I just plucked some pages from a magazine, including an advert with a female face, and cut shapes out and placed them on the page.  The wings are from a gelli print on deli paper and they are silver.  Excluding drying time, this whole collage probably took me no more than 20 minutes.  Keeping it quick, easy and simple also kept it fun.  Since the loves of my life – Mr Pict and the Pictlings – are all gloriously nerdy weirdos, I enjoyed creating this random wee weirdo in my art journal.

7 - Hearts & Collage - Art Journal Page

14 thoughts on “Weirdo Cupid

  1. i really enjoyed your post today. I am not very gifted artistically but I truly admire those who are. I looked through some of your albums and found them fascinating and beautiful. some of my favorites were the ores where you superimposed your art over a written page in a book. i’ve seen that done before and I love it. you, however, took it many Steps further than what I’ve seen before and it was very nice. Since I can’t draw, I like to make collages-mostly from magazine pictures. My Favorites are of fine Jewelry and fashion. I also write tons of fiction so I Suppose I am creative in my own wacky way. I look forward to reading more about you! Have a great week!

    • Thank you for your kind words. The altered book project is immense fun. I’m enjoying it so much that I’m already thinking about my next altered book project.

      I tend to think that there’s something in human instinct that drives each of us to have a creative outlet. We just all choose different routes for exploring that creative impulse.

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