This week’s Let’s Face It lesson was taken by Karine Bosse.  The idea was to paint a watercolour portrait of a mermaid.  As per usual, time pressures and improvisation with materials meant I strayed a little from the tutorial but I tried to stick to the ideas presented as closely as I could.

If you have followed either of my blogs for long enough then you will know that I have a bit of a mixed history with painting mermaids from the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I tend to be better when portraying them as deadly sirens than as delightful creatures.  I wonder what that says about me?  Anyway, this lesson was a chance to try and overcome my mermaid issue.  It possibly helps that the focus was just on the face and hair with no fishy body to portray.

I used the Kuretake watercolours I received for Christmas and I love them.  The pigments are so rich and vibrant and the paints are smooth and saturate the paper.  The turquoise and dark pink made my painting quite punchy I think.  Making the cheeks so pink freaked me out a bit but their warmth does, I think, balance out the turquoise.

Week 6 - Mermaid - Watercolour


10 thoughts on “Mermaid

  1. Wow. I love the intensity and vibrancy of this piece. I have those watercolors. Need to pull them out now. I am the opposite in my view of mermaids. They are magical and delightful beings swimming happily all day in an enchanted sea. What does that say about me?? Lol. Your art is stunning. Keep being you!!

    • I knew you would like the Kuretake watercolours because they are so juicy and bold that they are almost going into gouache. That’s why I love them I think. They are certainly the best pan watercolours I’ve ever owned. So far. 😉

      I want to think of mermaids as magical, mystical and harmonious beings but somehow I’m more successful depicting them as sullen sirens ready to drown sailors. Maybe it’s because my youngest sister made me watch The Little Mermaid so many hundreds of times. I’m rebelling. Ha ha!

  2. I’ve not used those water-colours Laura, they do look to be quite punchy colours! Your distinctive style is obviously ‘strong women’ which is very cool and conveys more of you than the style of the teacher if you get my drift ….. 🙂 I remember your earlier mermaids and can only say ‘WOW!!’

    • Thank you very much. That’s a wonderful compliment which I gladly accept. She’s definitely an improvement on my earlier mermaids and that’s at least in part because I didn’t have to contend with acrylics.

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