Self-Portrait: Dreams and Affirmations

The second Life Book lesson of the week turned out to be a bit of a labour of love.  The lesson was taken by Tamara Laporte and the idea was to create a self-portrait as the focal image of a piece all about dreams and affirmations.

As I explained recently, I am not averse to creating self-portraits as they are very good practice.  However, I don’t like to work on them too frequently so I decided to make a little twist on the theme and paint a portrait of me as a child.  I used a photograph of myself when I was three.  That is a time for limitless dreams after all.  I also borrowed ideas from my own art journal page as the inspiration for elements of this painting.  There were lots of layers and processes going on in this piece.  Because I work in fits and starts, it felt like it was taking me ages to get it anywhere.

I am not sure how I feel about this piece.  I think it probably needs more work to pull it completely out of the “ugly stage” but I was in danger of turning areas into mud or pilling the paper by over-working the layers so I had to step away from it and leave it be.  Frankly, I also ran out of time to devote to it.  I can see that it does very much look like little me so that is a plus.  I have also learned a lot from the things that went right and the things that went awry.  Ultimately, I think this piece is probably too personal for me to be able to have any objectivity.

Week 7 - Dream Inspiration - Self-portrait 1


13 thoughts on “Self-Portrait: Dreams and Affirmations

  1. It’s good you are hard on yourself and your art. It only serves to make you a better artist. Self portraits are always hard, because you are criticing your work and your self at the same time. I like the painting. It has an innocence about it and a real folkart quality.

    • Thank you, Rich. You are too kind. I think paint over collage (in this case a print of a photo) is something I might enjoy but which I am nevertheless not much good at. At least I knew when to quit, hopefully while I was ahead enough to not totally wreck it.

  2. The portrait resembles you! I would have loved to have known you as a child, I used a photo of my daughter instead. I’m still working on it and probably will finish her tomorrow. My husband loves the face so far because I used darker skin tones.

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