Monochrome Zombie Bunnies

The first of two Life Book lessons this week was taken by Donna Downey.  The object of the lesson was to work in black and white.  I often work with a limited palette including often just working in black and white.  I decided, therefore, that I should apply a monochrome approach to a subject I have only ever tackled in colour before: zombie bunnies.  Pretty much any excuse to draw my zombie bunnies, I will grab.  I used India ink for this piece, diluting in order to create the different tones of grey.  It is interesting to see how different the zombie bunnies look when not in vibrant colour.  My oldest son declared that they looked creepier, more menacing.  My 10 year old said it looked like they were auditioning for a Universal monster movie.

Week 7 - Black and White - Zombie Bunnies

My 6 year old was home sick at the beginning of the week so he was arting alongside me.  He decided to use watercolour to paint his own zombie characters, a zombie jungle scene apparently.  I love the detail of the lion’s eyeball dangling out of the socket.

Week 7 - Zombie Jungle by ARDP

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