Be Kind Wherever Possible

This week’s Colour Me Positive theme was Kindness and the prompt was a quotation from the Dalai Lama: “Be kind wherever possible.  It is always possible.”  There was an additional, optional prompt to use stamping but I ignored that and focused on the quotation.  Pushed for time this week, I kept things simple.  Monochrome, ink, using a fountain pen rather than my dip pen so I could work on the page while watching a movie with my kids, and doodles with some simple typography for the quotation.  Simple and easy – just like an act of kindness.

6 - Be Kind Wherever Possible - Art Journal Page

21 thoughts on “Be Kind Wherever Possible

  1. That’s the sort of quote that should be hard to argue with, but here I am wanting to argue. There are times when the fear of being unkind keeps women from doing what they need to do, which is tell some asshole off. Maybe, in an ideal world, it’s possible to do that kindly, but I haven’t gotten large enough or powerful enough (because I do think you need a certain type of power to be kind in those situations) to do it that way yet.

    • I totally get where you are coming from. I choose to see being kind as more related to compassion than to politeness, if that makes sense. I consider myself a kind and compassionate person, trying to contribute to society as much as possible,committing random acts of kindness along with charity, but I also have no problem calling people out on their BS or arsehole behaviour. You are right, however, that doing so requires a secure context. This then is the problem with pithy quotations and gobbets of wisdom: they need to come with small print.

    • Thank you. I have been drawing from as soon as I could hold a pencil in my chubby fingers so I am confident enough with line drawing this number of decades on to be able to multitask. Also, I did not state that I was totally absorbed in the movie. There are only so many times you can watch the same superhero movie without zoning out a bit. Drawing at the same time actually, strangely, kept me focused more.

  2. Laura, this is so elegant. This would take me a month to do. I love your typography. It is something I would like to improve on. I also really like your quote. Very nice piece!!!

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