Iris – Mixed Media Mythology

The next lesson I undertook in Mixed Media Mythology was taken by Jeanette Montero.  The subject was Iris, goddess of the rainbow and messenger of Zeus.

As ever, I drifted quite far from the exemplar, taking ideas from the lesson and making them my own.  This time the elements I took from the tutorial were colourful spatter on a black background and incorporating the oenochoe jug.


I wanted to give my figure’s body a gentle curve to echo the curve of a rainbow.  I also had the idea of letting her lower body fade out rather like the ends of a rainbow fade out.  I am not convinced that latter decision has worked well in the composition, however.  I like the spectrum dots behind the figure but am not wholly convinced that they read as wings.

17 thoughts on “Iris – Mixed Media Mythology

  1. This is very pretty. The rainbow did not strike me as wings until I read your note. I think if they reached up a bit to the outside it would be more obvious. I do enjoy your style and look forward to seeing more.

  2. She’s beautiful! I did not notice the colored dots as wings though. I saw it as part of your background and correlated them as rainbow colors to her rainbow curved body. Nonetheless, her flowing hair and the tilt of her head were the best for me.

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