Snowmageddon 2016

After a pleasingly mild winter, this weekend we got slammed with all our winter weather at once.  Winter storm Jonas walloped us over the weekend, dumping an incredible amount of snow in a short period of time.  It is difficult to determine exactly how much snow we got in our neighbourhood – the blizzard’s winds created drifts a good few feet high in some places while other patches had under a foot – but I estimate we had over two feet of snow.

My brother-in-law was supposed to fly in to see us with his wife and son on Saturday.  While he had to contend with the stress of cancellations and postponements and changed plans, we were thankfully all cosy and safe at home as the snow packed in around the house and made the street disappear.  My husband did a power of work digging out the drive over and over and tunneling narrow pathways through the snow.

2016-01-23 11.06.18

Rather than go sledding, the three younger boys decided they wanted to go for a walk through some nearby woods in the snow.  They passed a man walking with snow shoes and using cross country ski sticks but they were undaunted.  They were excited to spot animal tracks in the otherwise unblemished snow.  Even more exciting was the news – delivered during post-walk hot chocolate – that there was no school on Monday.  They have been hoping and yearning for a Snow Day all winter and they finally got one.


2016-01-24 15.39.09

2016-01-24 15.39.24

2016-01-24 15.58.02

In addition to yesterday’s Snow Day, we also had a delayed arrival for school today.  Not everyone has cleared their portion of the sidewalks and in some places the snow piles (an accumulation of snow drift and snow ploughing) are taller than I am but we had our snow boots on and trudged valiantly ever onwards.  Since we had to walk in the road at points, I was glad of the two hour delay since it meant there were fewer cars to contend with.  The kids, of course, would have rather had another Snow Day.


14 thoughts on “Snowmageddon 2016

    • Well it is all great fun for the kids as they don’t have to worry about the practicalities. It was rather back-breaking work for my husband. He was digging for hours and hours (with breaks in between) and still one of our cars is stuck in the snow and we have no path from our front door to the sidewalk. However, at least it happened on the weekend when we did not have anywhere we needed to be and nobody was stuck on the roads. Lots of people were not so lucky in that regard.

      • It’s so hard to imagine here, but it definitely does not sound like fun having to shovel all that snow and still not be able to get one of your cars. They’re telling us we are getting the same storm now here, but having crossed the Atlantic there is no snow, just winds and (yet more) rain.

  1. I’m surprised they had school today, Laura, so many in your area are still closed. We got over 30 inches, without drifting. It is warmer today, but we started with frozen rain…so much more dangerous. Take care out there. At least, the kids are happy. ☺

    • I was a little surprised too. The roads have been cleared but there is not enough width for two cars to pass in many places. I, therefore, though the school buses might have found things tricky. The path to the school is also still snowbound so we were trudging through snow as far as the school doors. We are due freezing rain too so I am a little worried about road conditions. My husband’s car is still snow bound so he took my car. I rather think I would have stuck to being on foot anyway given the conditions. Stay cosy, Van!

    • Thanks, Laura. I do love the long shadows too. I love that about winter here, how light it is. Scotland has hardly any daylight in winter and it can get a bit oppressive, all that darkness. Cold yet bright still feels like a treat to me.

  2. Sounds like you weathered the storm pretty well. Schools in Northern Virginia were off Monday and Tuesday and will be closed again on Wednesday. The federal government was also closed Monday and Tuesday, but I suspect it will be open tomorrow.

    • I think your region got the snow storm far worse than we did. I’m not surprised, therefore, that recovering normalcy is taking a little longer. The trains weren’t operating yesterday so my husband had to work from home and the schools in the city were off today too but I think otherwise our little suburban area has bounced back fairly well.

    • The current weather system is wreaking havoc globally. Getting a huge dumping of snow is absolutely nothing compared to the terrible floods or droughts other people are experiencing, although, of course, a few unfortunate people died in this snowstorm too

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