Self-Portrait Art Journal Page

The week 4 challenge for Colour Me Positive was all about self-belief.  The quotation prompt was “Believe in yourself and magic will happen”.  The other suggested prompt was to incorporate a self-portrait.  I find it useful to create self-portraits ever so often.  The subject is readily available and familiar and drawing the same thing repeatedly over time is a good way of charting progress.  I again gave myself just 15 minutes to complete the art journal page – my morning mug of tea time – so I worked in ink, my “go to” medium.

4 - Self-Portrait -Art Journal Page

My husband thinks this is one of the strongest self-portraits I have ever drawn.  It does, I agree, capture the essence of me as well as a likeness.

I was tempted to leave it just as was, just the drawing and no more, but the self-belief prompt was nagging at me.  My cupboards are rather bare of self-belief at present for one reason or another.  I was put in mind of the Dr Seuss quotation, ” I said, and said, and said those words. I said them but I lied them”.  I wrote the words on the page knowing I did not believe them at that juncture.  However, maybe writing them will be the kick start to adopting them.

20 thoughts on “Self-Portrait Art Journal Page

  1. Wow Laura – great self portrait! If you are suffering a little loss of faith in your own identity, step back a little and look at your daily achievements, commitment, artistic progress, family ideals etc over the past year….. That’ll fix you!! 🙂

    • Thank you for your supportive and encouraging words. I think partly I’m feeling a bit adrift and without purpose and I’m also questioning whether I have any talent or ability that’s worth pursuing and devoting time and energy to. Winter blues maybe. I’m trusting my mood will correct itself. Meanwhile I appreciate your uplifting comment.

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