Freya – Mixed Media Mythology

The next lesson I tackled in the Mixed Media Mythology course was taken by Sarah Leonard.  The subject was the Norse goddess Freya, she who gives Friday its name.  She is the goddess of a whole lot of things including love and war.  I did not know much about Freya so I had to do some reading up.  The things that stuck in my mind about her were that she rode a chariot pulled by cats, had a battle boar, wore a cloak of feathers, had a constellation necklace crafted by dwarves, and cried tears of gold.

The tutorial suggested working on top of vintage manuscript paper.  I don’t have any but I could have improvised with a few sheets of book paper.  However, I decided to work on watercolour paper so as to have a more consistent substrate to work with.  The lesson was also about using pencil and then adding colour with thin washes of translucent media.  I sketch in pencil all the time and I use pencil to map out the scaffolding of ink drawings or paintings.  However, pencil is not something I particularly use for rendering a drawing.  Even when I was attending life drawing classes regularly, I used charcoal or ink.  It was, therefore, interesting to work a drawing up using pencil, use it for shading, blending it with a tortillon.  When it came to adding colour, I used Inktense blocks and Neocolor II crayons.  I wanted to reference the feather cloak, the necklace and the golden tears in my illustration.  I, therefore, added some feathers to the hair, and used gold ink to draw the necklace.  I almost did not add the gold tears, worried that that final step would wreck everything else I had worked on, but I went for it and I rather like the effect.  It is something I might well use again.

2 Freya 1

2 Freya 2

17 thoughts on “Freya – Mixed Media Mythology

    • Thank you! I like the pollen idea. She was the Norse goddess of abundance or some such too so that really works. I like the idea of golden, fecund tears. I realized working on this drawing how threadbare my knowledge of Norse mythology is. I really need to learn more.

      • Yes. I think the worldview (what I know of it) is different from the Greek and Roman myths we are usually taught, and the little I have learned, very strong and appealing to me. I have put it on my list to look into it again, I remember doing a little in school, but not much.

  1. It’s such a beautiful painting Laura! you really managed to convey the spirit of Freya here! she looks amazing! I have been practicing using watercolour pencils recently, and it’s harder than I thought! I got a box of inktense pencils and the colours are so vibrant! I am not quite used to use them properly yet 🙂 I usually pencil then paint directly. Using pencils that turn into paint is a new thing for me 🙂

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