Drawing Faces from my Imagination

The second exercise in the first lesson of the Let’s Face It course was to draw a portrait plucked from our imaginations.  Therefore, in contrast to the first exercise in which we used a photograph as the inspiration for the painting, we were to use no reference material at all.  I very much welcomed this lesson.  After a lot of intense arting and some steep learning curves, it was a luxury to be able to retreat to my comfort zone.  I decided to produce two drawings because they are fairly small – 6×9 inches – and I used ink with which to draw and Inktense blocks with which to add colour in areas of the drawing.

Week 1 Face from Imagination 1

Week 1 Face from Imagination 2

My style is naturally quite illustrative and non-realistic.  It is what I enjoy and what I am happy doing.  My aim in undertaking this course is to refine my skills with drawing (and painting) faces in order to hone and progress my own style.  This exercise then is a measure of my starting point.

12 thoughts on “Drawing Faces from my Imagination

    • Thank you very much! This is really where I want to develop my skills and progress as an artist. Ink drawing is where I think my talent lies. I’m certainly improving with paint and mixed media but I don’t have a native talent for it.

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