Zendoodle Butterfly

The second lesson of this week’s Life Book course was taken by Tamara Laporte and was a symbolic representation of leaving things behind in order to make room for greater positivity and attainment.  It involved creating a vibrant background with spray inks and then drawing a butterfly shape filled with doodles.  It was a really enjoyable project because it was so accessible.  I have a love-hate relationship with spray inks: I love their intensity but I cannot get them to behave like I want them to.  The great thing about using them in this random, splotchy way is that I did not have to try and control them and could just have fun with them without any frustration.  Doodling inside shapes is something I have been doing for many years, long before I heard the term zendoodle.  That concept makes sense to me, however, because it is very relaxing to doodle in that way.  The sun shape is filled with what I would like to achieve which is greater self-belief and self-confidence while the trail behind the butterfly is filled with the things I want to let go off, particularly my fear of failure and my feeling of not being “good enough” in areas of my life.  Essentially I need to set myself more reasonable expectations and stop nagging at myself, get that inner critic to pipe down a bit.  We shall see how that pans out.

Week 2 - Zendoodle Butterfly


14 thoughts on “Zendoodle Butterfly

      • I think, then, this contains a clue as to a possible branch to explore in your road. I take the attitude that if I like doing it and it seems to flow, well, there is a message in that! Life is hard enough. Let art be fun and add energy to you. (I’m reminding myself, too, the “should” are so LOUD sometimes…)

      • I agree with you. I do often do these type of doodles on a smaller scale. Rhinos, birds and jellyfish mostly but also some larger pieces with human figures. Doing these courses certainly helps me home in on the art approaches that chime with me and those that don’t.

  1. Very pretty. I love how vibrant the colors are in the background, they mesh well together. I understand about not being good enough and having fear in life. Sometimes I try and think of how can I control how I feel about this situation, or learning to let go of what I can’t control. What can I do to make things better and less stressful. Do one thing at a time, breathe. Try working on a project and stretch it over 3 days, instead of doing it all in one day. Yes, we are one of our worst critics. If I remember, I try to walk away from my art, and once I’ve found my center, and gain perspective, I return to my art or the situation. Keep on being who you are, and trying things out of your comfort zone because one day you will come out of your shell and realize that what you were afraid of made you stronger.

    • Walking away is great advice. I have to work on art projects in stages anyways because of life and it’s true that I often have a different view on a piece when I come back to it. My fear of failure isn’t just in art though; it’s in all spheres of my life. It’s wrapped up in my control freakery. I need to embrace loss of control and risk more.

  2. This is color madness and I love it! Doodling really helps us to be in that zen like state so we are relaxed to express our minds and hearts. Your page showed how relaxed you were and how much fun you had making this page.

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