Gratitude to kick of a year of Creativity

My 2016 is going to be absolutely jam-packed with creative challenges if everything goes to plan and I manage to keep on schedule with everything.  I really want to push myself and increase my skill level, hone my own style, and increase my artistic output.  Brace yourselves, dear readers, for lots of art posts.

My first arty activity for 2016 was to create an art journal page.  As busy as I will be with art courses and my own art projects, I want to keep art journaling as it is useful experimentation and is quick and relaxing.  This year, I am responding to prompts that form the Colour Me Positive project hosted on the Lulu Art blog.  The first prompt was a quotation and a suggestion that we construct a page about “gratitude”.  Since I was both pushed for time and aware of the need to practice typography, I opted to write out the quotation on my page.  Trouble was that when I finally sat down to put pen to paper, I was so tired that I could not motivate myself to try a specific style of hand lettering so I just defaulted to my own handwriting.  Oops.  I then surrounded the words with a ring of watercolour paint which I blew with a straw to create more interest.  Quick and simple.

1 Gratitude - ArtJournal Page

11 thoughts on “Gratitude to kick of a year of Creativity

  1. Love the blown out watercolors in this page Laura. I am excited to watch your typography bloom this year. Also with your many online and personal projects lined up this year, I know I will be learning a lot from you and grow more in my art. I am glad we will be doing Colour Me Positive together. There is no greater joy than to share a project with a dear friend.

  2. I wish I had handwriting as pretty (and as legible) as yours. I look forward to following your artistic adventures this year and love the quotation which which you started the year.

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