Valentine Onion

This week’s Documented Life Project prompt was to use “storytelling” as an “underlying fabric” in the art journal.  I was not sure how to deploy either of those things in my art journal in a way that worked for me but I did, however, decide to continue with the overarching theme of using words and text as the predominant element.  Perhaps because the “underlying fabric” aspect of the prompt made me think of layers but mostly because I had been rereading the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy, I arrived at the decision to use her poem ‘Valentine’ on my page.  When I was a High School English Teacher, I taught the poems of Carol Ann Duffy, ‘Valentine’ among them.  It serves as a useful introduction to conceits, given the extended metaphor of the onion for love.

Using a fountain pen and my own handwriting, I wrote the lines of the poem so that they became the layers of an onion.  I then used watercolour to paint in the layers of onion surrounding the text and the “brown paper” skin surrounding it.  It is another time-pushed simple art journal page from me but I am pleased with how well I translated my idea onto the page.

Week 52 - Words as a Layer - Onion - Valentine - Carol Ann Duffy

This is my final Documented Life Project page not just of the year but ever.  The project coordinators are taking it in a different direction next year, one that focuses more on the planner than the art journal.  I am, therefore, probably going to use a different set of art journal prompts next year, almost certainly Colour Me Positive which is hosted on another WordPress blog.  I was going to just do my own thing in my art journal all the time but actually the weekly prompt is a welcome nudge for me to do something playful in my journal, experiment, and try new things.  2016 is looking set to be a very busy year for me creatively.

5 thoughts on “Valentine Onion

    • Thank you, Claudia. I actually thought of you when I was rereading that particular poem, that taking something mundane and elevating it to being something potent with meaning. Are you familiar with Duffy’s poetry? You might enjoy it. ‘The World’s Wife’ is one of my favourite collections of poems.

      • I wasn’t but I put it on my list to search for, because I liked the poem a lot even not in the onion (if you know what I mean). Thank you for what you said, I hope that people will see ordinary as special, I think that might be why I write?

        Merry Christmas, your day sounded so pleasant.

  1. I love this style and idea Laura. I would have never thought of it. Happy New Year! I looked into your link of Color Me Positive and it seems interesting. I signed up and will read more on the blog. Like you I won’t be riding along with DLP this year and had originally planned on decorating a planner/journal on my own with inspiration from Documented Faith. I think it would be enjoyable to combine both documented faith and color me positive in one journal page. Sounds a good plan. 🙂

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