Christmas Day 2015

Incredibly, this is our third Christmas in America.  However, this year was our first Christmas in our new home since the first year we were in rental accommodation and last year we were vacationing in Florida.  It has been fun properly decorating this house for the festive season for the first time, determining the logistics of where gifts should be left, where they should be opened, and cooking Christmas dinner in our kitchen for the first time.  It is almost as if spending Christmas in our new home has cemented its status as “home”.  When we left our home in Scotland, it was emotional because of all the memories and traditions connected to that house.  Now we are making new memories and connecting the house to new traditions.  Since it was just the six of us and no travel was involved, we also had the pleasure of a very relaxed and chilled Christmas Day.  My bonus gift was that my husband took charge of Christmas dinner so I had a day off from cooking.  He’s a pretty good cook so that was delicious treat as well as giving me time to just sit on the sofa and flick through some new books.  Bliss.









16 thoughts on “Christmas Day 2015

  1. It looks like a lovely family time was had Laura. It is very special isn’t it to have that first Christmas in your own home. Love that your husband took on the cooking – what an added gift to go with all the books 🙂 and the boys look pretty pleased with their gifts – great times all round!

  2. I love the shots of your boys. I spent my Christmas morning with adults and it’s just not the same as celebrating it with kids (I grew up in a family with nine children, eight of them boys).

    • Thanks. I hope you had a good Christmas too. Yes, ours was very chilled which was something my husband and I both very much appreciated. I think the kids prefer our hectic, busy winter breaks though so this experience might be rare.

      • We had a lot of fun too for both Christmas and New Year. Will share photos as soon as I collect them from cousins and resize them. Will also finish dlp 2015’s week 52 challenge and prompt. 🙂

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