Just Be Kind

This week’s Documented Life Project challenge was to combine the previous three weeks’ challenges: stamps, stencils and masks.  The quotation prompt was one from Henry James:  “Three things in human life are important.  The first is to be kind.  The second is to be kind.  And the third is to be kind.”  When watching the news at present, it is difficult to see much kindness in the world but I like to think that the sentiment of James’ words are true.  If we want to affect change then we can all start by individually striving to respond to others with tolerance, compassion and kindness.  Maybe small gestures have a ripple effect.

I wanted to illustrate that idea in my art journal, the notion that small changes in individual behaviour can be a seed that germinates and grows.  I, therefore, used stencils and a mask – an oval blob I surrounded with thick black paint – to create a little pod person, a seed to grow in the darkness.  I then used stamps to add the words “Just be kind”.  A simple message for a simple idea and a simple page.

Week 48 - Stencils, stamps & Masks - Just Be Kind

6 thoughts on “Just Be Kind

  1. I like your idea. Its like gifting this little one with a wish that he grows up with kindness in his heart. And yes, with all the cruelty that is surrounding our world now, everyone needs to give his/her light of kindness.

  2. Your little person is precious, Laura. It reminds me of some of the little nesting dolls that I saw during trip to Russia years ago. I love too the simple message it conveys–a little kindness goes a long way.

    • Yes! I can totally see that. How funny because I was just explaining to my sons how vinyl records work a few days ago. Can you believe my kids didn’t understand how a record worked? Generation Gap.

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