Colour Me Happy

This week’s Life Book lesson was delivered by Danielle Donaldson.  I had really enjoyed her previous lesson – Tiny Story Telling – so I was looking forward to further experimentation with watercolour illustration.  The lesson demonstrated a different approach to watercolour hand lettering.  The idea was for students to write our individual names and then surround that with illustrations of things that make us happy, bring us joy.  However, I took my inspiration from a piece Donaldson showed in her tutorial, an illustrated list of art supplies.  Since art makes me happy, makes me feel more balanced, and colour brightens my day, I thought the subject was apt.  I sketched a variety of my art tools, painted them with blotchy watercolour, spattered, and added the text.  I really like how the piece turned out.

Week 49 - Watercolour Illustration

12 thoughts on “Colour Me Happy

  1. The painting is so dainty and full of life just as the colors you used. I have been following Danielle Donaldson in instagram and she does very cute watercolour sketches. I love that the splatter of color added to the whimsical feature of this piece.

    • Thanks, Mike. I keep trying other styles of lettering when I can but mostly I default to this, a version of my own handwriting. Sometimes my phone autocorrects my spellings to make them American but otherwise I still spell everything in British English. Partly it’s stubborn resistance but mostly it’s force of habit.

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