Little Red Riding Hood

This week’s Documented Life Project prompt was to use tissue paper.  The idea of using tissue paper in mixed media art projects is that much of the tissue disappears when it is adhered to the substrate so that only the chosen image remains prominent and the rest of the tissue becomes a background layer.  Tissue paper is not something I have used in my art work and it is not something I own.  I improvised with what I did have which was some tissue paper used for wrapping Christmas gifts.  It is not thin enough to disappear but I thought it would “make do”.

As the tissue paper was red, the idea of Little Red Riding Hood came to mind.  I created the clothing and cloak for Little Red out of the tissue paper and used acrylic paint and paint pen for the rest of the page.  I like to work with a limited palette so I stuck to red, black and white for this page.  It, therefore, annoys me that I mixed the black and white to make the wolf grey; I should have kept the wolf black to make the whole page more cohesive.  My stencilling also annoys me as I continue to be too heavy handed and messy with it.  Overall, however, I am happy with how this page turned out and my kids – who are my biggest cheerleaders – love the page so I guess this art journal page qualifies as a success.

Week 41 - Tissue Pape - Red Riding Hoodr


PS If you enjoy seeing my art projects, you might be interested to know that I have embarked on another one which I am sharing over on my art blog.  I am altering a recipe book by painting monsters on the pages.

20 thoughts on “Little Red Riding Hood

  1. I like this for a lot of reasons. 1. I love fairy tales. 2. I love the gesture of her hands as she holds the cloak around her. 3. The gray wolf – I think if it were black it would overpower the picture, and also, I think it adds a needed variation to keep the image from being too – monolithic? (Maybe not the right word, maybe I mean overwhelming?) I think this is a very successful piece.

      • I agree with Claudia on the grey. 🙂 I think the grey balances the picture out really nicely and warms it up a bit. Now if you were going for the effect of the wolf to be on the menacing side, then, yeah, black would have accomplished that a bit more. But being the wolf is smiling and the one braid on the girl swings up to nearly meet the wolf’s tail, I think the warmer effect of grey works better in this piece. 🙂 As always, just my opinion. Nice artwork! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

        Cap’n Toni….

      • Thank you for your lovely, encouraging comment, Cap’n Toni. I really appreciate your critique. You are quite right that I chose to not make the wolf a menacing figure so the black might have been just too stark and grim for the piece. I am glad you like the journal page.

  2. Oh! Typical me – when I’m looking and pondering art, more thoughts come to me *after* I hit comment-submit. heh heh You mentioned about the heavy stenciling. I’m assuming here you mean towards the bottom of the piece? Interestingly enough, that heavier-handedness works very well here. Especially with the wolf’s ears black, the heavier ink at the bottom adds to the overall balance of the piece. Especially because you expressed annoyance with regards to your skill on this, I have to say I think you’ve got great instincts. 🙂

    Cap’n Toni…

  3. I think the wolf looks quite pleased with himself in that wolfish kind of way – after all he has LRRH in his grasp! 🙂 It’s a great painting – it holds a little something of the Russian Icon feel to it I think – especially around the tissue paper work. Perfect for a fairy tale illustration.

    • Thank you very much for your lovely comment. It does definitely have a folk art feel to it, which I went with because of the pattern of the tissue paper. Now that you mention it, there is something a bit matryoshka about the figure of Little Red.

  4. I agree with all that has been said: the gray is crucial to the wolf’s “wolfness” and together with the beautiful red riding hood has the all marks of an illustration for a Russian fairy tale. You may have the beginning here of a whole series of illustrations for fairy tales!

    • Thanks, Hannah! Maybe I should set myself “fairy tales” as a future series. I did it once before as a series of ink drawings but it would be fun to return to the subject now my style has developed.

  5. I agree with everyone else, that grey wolf was just the right color. He did not steal the spotlight from riding hood. He was also a sort of a protector of the little girl rather than the big eyed evil hungry wolf he should be. This project is beautiful. Also, you are not alone with having a heavy hand with stenciling. I get that result too every time I stencil.

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