A Day in the Life

This week’s Documented Life Project prompt was to construct a storyboard depicting a week in my life.  There is nothing inspirational about my average week so I was a bit stumped as to how to embark on the page.  I had the option of either depicting a more interesting week in my life, such as a trip, or somehow creating a page out of the everyday and mundane.  Technically I should have been thinking in terms of photography too since journaling with photos is still the over-arching theme for the month.  I did not, however, have time to take photographs, get them off my camera and print them before working in my art journal so I decided to jettison that element of the prompt.  Since for me one average day is much like any other, I decided to depict a day in my life rather than a week.  It is just a quick drawing, entirely self-explanatory and as uninspiring as the average day that inspired it.

Week 39 - Day in the Life

17 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Laura,
    Your drawing is utterly charming. I’ve always been amazed by the amount you are able to draw and write with 4 active children. Would you ever consider writing about your process, i.e., how you fit all of those things together?

    • Thank you, Hannah. I am honoured that you should think I even have a process worth sharing. Ha ha!

      In all honesty it is just a case that – with not being in paid employment since emigrating and all four boys now being in school – I am in command of my own schedule for at least a few days in the week and can, therefore, be flexible about what I fit in when. I also have a table in the well-lit kitchen which I can commandeer as my art table since we eat at the dining table. So I can leave a project set up and just grab time here and there to work on it. I sometimes add something literally in passing without even sitting down. I might grab ten minutes while waiting on the washing machine to finish a cycle before I hang the washing out or grab fifteen minutes while minding the dinner that is cooking. I also have evenings where my husband is not home so I work on my art once the Pictlings are in bed for the night and that provides longer stretches for working on a project.

      I suppose if there is any “method” to the way in which I work then it is in the way that I mentally break down any piece I am working on into stages so that I can work on a stage at a time and then walk away from it for a while.

  2. Oh, I think you belittle your daily routine just a little – no job is more important than raising four active boys to become literate, educated, capable men! [The world being a tad short on such] Your home education arts programme is a thing that is much admired and the places you take those boys to enthuse and educate them further is also admired. In between organising and planning that stuff you also attend to the cleaning and housekeeping chores clearly ordained by being mother to four lively boys – and then we can talk about the art classes you follow for yourself ………. Phattt! Ordinary? Mundane?? Not at all!! I think your project this week should clearly have had some kind of superwoman whirring about in the middle of the items you did sketch 🙂

  3. I love your drawings Laura. Your page maybe simple but the content in it are not. Your life is as inspiring as anyone who chose to be a stay at home Mom and wife, chose to enrich their children’s education, chose to do chores for the whole family, chose to be always there for each and every member of the household. Your role is not easy and not every woman is cut to do what you are doing. I consider women like you a rare gem. The things you go through in one day maybe mundane and uneventful for others but for your family, it is everything. Plus you do not forget to put in extra time and attention to the things you love doing like art. What a special woman you are.

    • Thank you, Carrie Lynn. A lot of what I do with my day is boring (I don’t especially enjoy sweeping and mopping and endless laundry) but I’m never bored, that’s for sure. I felt my page was lacking just because I was drawing such ordinary, everyday stuff and – on top of that – just in quick, simple line drawings. Certainly, being around for the kids is rewarding, not always easy but definitely a decision I don’t regret. Thank you for your lovely comment.

  4. Here’s my candidate for The Most Outrageously Untrue Statement I’ve Read Lately:

    “It is just a quick drawing, entirely self-explanatory and as uninspiring as the average day that inspired it. (my italics)

    My dear Laura!! Your drawing is lovely, inspired, and beautifully composed, and– as all other commenters have rightly said– you (and your daily work) are more inspiring than you could possibly know. Just my knowing that you exist is inspiring. Knowing that you are a role model for your sons and others (myself included) is the frosting on the haggis, as we like to say in the Highlands. I shall say no more. Well, at least on that subject.

    You have a very distinctive style– not every artist can say that. Have you every considered doing a children’s book? The more I look at your Day In The Life drawing, the more convinced I am that you could score a tremendous hit with kids and the parents who read to them. “A Day In The Life Of (fill in blank)” or “A Day At The (fill in a place)” might be just the place to start. I do hope you’ll give it some thought.

    And keep up the inspiring work!!! : )

    • Thank you so very much for your kind words. I suppose since I am so immersed in my own life, my own parenting, my own art, it’s very difficult for me to be objective and see those things in the way that others apparently do. I also know how little time and effort I put into this page which makes it seem as if it has less merit.

      You are not the first person who has mentioned the idea of children’s books to me – mostly in relation to my series of 40 Greek Myth drawings. Unless someone wanted me to illustrate their story, I think the challenge would be to come up with an original and engaging story. My art style is certainly at the illustrative end of things. I honestly wouldn’t know where to start. I need to be working at my art more consistently and increase my productivity before I could even contemplate such an endeavor.

      Thank you for all your support and encouragement, Mark. I truly appreciate it.

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