Meditative Mark-Making

This week’s Life Book lesson was an “intuitive healing session” with Andrea Schroeder.  It was all about meditation, being intuitive and being playful, not worrying about making mistakes or about striving for perfection.  This process took me very much out of my comfort zone.  As I always do when creating without having a vision of what I want to create, I felt rather lost.  How I chose to approach the process was to make marks in my art journal while listening to the meditation video.  I used a medium brush loaded with watercolour so that I would not have that much control over the marks I was making and I just doodled away while listening to the video.  Once my page was filled with colourful doodles and the meditation had ended, I looked at the page and started a large doodle with India ink loaded on the brush again.  What emerged was a female figure holding a bird in her hand.  I have no idea where it came from or what it is about.  It’s not my usual style but – having no vision of something I was aiming for to compare it to – I am reasonably happy with the page.

Week 37 - Meditative Mark Making

2 thoughts on “Meditative Mark-Making

    • Thank you. I wondered if she might represent peace or Mother Nature or something as I was thinking about the refugee crisis and about the environment a lot at the time but maybe Freedom encapsulates all of that to a degree. Interesting observation.

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