History of Art #18 – Modigliani

For our study of Amedeo Modigliani, we looked at dozens of his paintings of human figures and then discussed what qualities they shared: neutral tones, elongated faces, long necks, almond eyes with dark irises.  It was useful for the boys to see that an artist can have a recognised style of portraiture while also depicting the sitters as individuals.

The boys then set about drawing people using Modigliani’s characteristics.  My 12 year old obviously created a Modigliani version of a Minecraft character.  I like the sharp angles and the shock of blue hair in my 9 year old’s drawing.  My 8 year old demonstrated that he had absorbed all the qualities of Modigliani’s style and created a figure with rather sharp bone structure. My 6 year old decided to elongate the neck and torso of his figure rather than the face.  I like how colourful his drawing is.

18 - Modigliani - AB

18 - Modigliani - O

18 - Modigliani  - E

18 - Modigliani - AR

To create my Modigliani style painting, I decided to challenge myself to paint intuitively, something I have struggled with.  Without laying down any foundation marks, I just got stuck into layering up the paint and Neocolor II pigments until I was content with the result.  I think the head could have been elongated further but I am otherwise quite satisfied with the outcome.  I don’t like the eyes at all – they look flat and dead to me, bringing to mind Quint’s monologue from ‘Jaws’ – but Modigliani’s eyes were always very dark so I left them be and did not add any catch lights.

18 - Modigliani - Laura

Head on over to my art blog if you want to see my Modigliani Bunny.

5 thoughts on “History of Art #18 – Modigliani

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  2. I love all the kids work. Your 12yr old would really have a fun time looking at these projects when this is all finished. His minecraft theme is a hit. Your 9yr old’s portrait has a lot of character. The 8yr old is promising to be quite an artist. And of course the 6yr old has a flair for bright and happy colors. Your work was made me realize how different artist can influence us in discovering our own signature style.

    • Thank you very much. One of my aims with this project was to get the kids to see that there are a multitude of ways to approach art – a multitude of ways even to represent the human face – and to try experimenting and “trying on” different styles to help them figure out what things in art they enjoy and start developing their own style.

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