Finding Strength

This week’s Life Book lesson was taken by Donna Downey.  It involved creating a mixed media piece featuring a female figure representing the concept of “finding strength”.  I did not have some of the key materials used in the tutorial so I had to improvise and, in doing so, I strayed really quite far from the look and feel of the piece Downey created in the lesson video.

I actually went off piste from the very beginning.  I suck at asemic writing so instead of that I battled the blank page by dripping black gloss acrylic down the page, more solidly at one side than the other because I wanted asymmetry.  I don’t have a stencil of a figure so I sketched out a female figure again using the black gloss.  I based it on a three minute gestural drawing from a life drawing class from several years ago and forced myself to draw directly with the paint, not sketching with pencil or charcoal first.  The proportions went a little wrong but I think overall it still works as a drawing of a figure.  After that it was just a case of adding colour and finally some drops of black ink.

Ultimately, therefore, my response to the lesson had a very different feel and look to it than the painting Downey created in the tutorial but I think it still manages to conform to the brief of being about “finding strength”.

Week 36 - Figure of Strength


6 thoughts on “Finding Strength

  1. This is a very strong painting. Very fitting to your lesson’s concept. Though the figure is hunched down, they way you drew her arms and legs sends a message that she is indeed a very strong, determined woman. I love it Laura.

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