Our Library Corner

We have been like the Three Bears trying to find a feature chair for our library corner in order to finish the makeover of our more formal living room: we wanted a chair with some personality and visual interest but those we had found were either too expensive or were not comfy enough or looked too rigid, lacking the cosy feel we were aiming for.  We had put our active questing on hiatus and figured we would resume our search at some point and would maybe stumble across something appropriate in the interim.

Last weekend, we were perambulating around Costco with the four kids in tow and, somewhere between buying enough toilet roll to build a wall and a huge sack of basmati, we wandered past one of the furniture aisles and spotted a chair that looked like it was worth investigating.  The kids wasted no time in giving it a test run and discovered it was a recliner chair.  We had not even considered a recliner chair for our library corner but I instantly liked the idea.  It was comfy, had a high enough back to support the neck and head, had sturdy arm rests and was sturdy enough to make a visual statement in that area of our living room.

We bought it.  We are now all enjoying having a really comfy spot to park ourselves for quiet activities.




10 thoughts on “Our Library Corner

    • That sounds lovely. I think every home needs a nook for calm and quiet activities. Despite getting rid of probably 60% of our books in order to emigrate, boxes of books still made up a lot of bulk in our shipping container. The books in that corner are just non-fiction and anthologies of poetry and short stories – plus my first editions and signed copies. Our dining room has all the fiction titles for grown ups. The three kids’ bedrooms also all contain bookcases stuffed with books. And that’s us having downsized.

    • I would LOVE a library room. It is a childhood aspiration of mine. My parents took me to Abbotsford House where I was instantly smitten by Walter Scott’s library. I have always wanted one that required one of those ladders attached to the shelves.

      • Oh yes!! My daughter would KILL for a Library like that! Her house is filled to the brim with books and bookcases and she is always plotting new ways to fit more in – I don’t know where she gets this book collecting gene from! 🙂

      • Ha ha! Our house in Scotland had books in literally every room – even the bathroom. I cannot tell you how hard it was to part with so very many books when we emigrated. I am sure my bookcases will soon fill up again though.

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