The Goddess Hathor

This week’s Life Book lesson was taken by Alena Hennessy who had been the tutor for the lesson on quick, intuitive painting.  It was another lesson in working intuitively and this time our inspiration was to be our Muse or a depiction of a Goddess whose characteristics or qualities seemed to speak to us.

I had no idea which goddess to choose for my piece.  I asked my children and they all unanimously voted for Athena.  I was going to go with their suggestion but I had drawn Athena last year as part of my 40 Drawings in 40 Drawings challenge on Greek Mythology.  As such, I was worried I would get locked into creating another version of that drawing which would undermine me working intuitively.  My 9 year old son is pretty obsessed with mythology generally so I asked him to pick another goddess, one from a tradition other than the Greco-Roman.  His next favourite mythology is Egyptian so he plumped for the goddess Hathor.  According to her Wikipedia page, Hathor is the goddess associated with joy, feminine love and motherhood.  I can relate to those concepts so Hathor it was.

If you have read enough of my blog posts about my art then you will know that intuitive painting and I do not get along very well.  I am an uber control freak and find it very challenging to work without having a clear plan or intended outcome.  I am getting better at going with the flow but I do still tend to get inside my head rather than working instinctively.  My response to this lesson did not demonstrate any progress in my battle with this issue.

I managed to create the background intuitively but only because dripping and splattering is my Go To method when I have no clear idea in mind.  Plus I love dripping and spattering.  I then also managed to resist the temptation to sketch the figure out in pencil and instead just got busy painting.  Then, however, I got too controlling again and put way too much thought into the facial features and details.  The painting, therefore, ended up being pretty rigid, not organic enough.

I do wonder if I am every going to accomplish working completely intuitively or if I need to just accept that that style and me don’t get along.

Week 34 - Goddess - Hathor




7 thoughts on “The Goddess Hathor

  1. Is there anything wrong with accepting that style doesn’t mesh with your personality? I crochet, so does a friend. She can sit down and just start going on something, making it from scratch as she goes. I can’t. I need a pattern. I need to know exactly what I’m doing and what it’ll look like when I’m done. We both do good work though.

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree. For me, one of the benefits of doing the Life Book course has been to learn what doesn’t work for me as well as what does work. I think also that at heart I’m an illustrator type artist. In that way, the intuitive process is never going to work for me as I need a vision to work towards. However, experimenting with this style has gotten me to loosen up a bit and I at least now can work in that uninhibited way to construct backgrounds.

  2. She is beautiful. She stands out of your background and that is a great thing. Intuitive painting and me does not have a harmonious relationship too so most of the time when I want to practice and learn intuitive painting, I do so with the background only and have a focal point somewhere.

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