Eye and Triangles

The August theme for the Documented Life Project prompts is to be “faces, the human form and characters” which very much appeals to me.  The first prompts were expressive faces and “what I see clearly now” which suggested to me a focus on the eyes.

I had a page in my art journal where I had doodled triangles using watercolour.  I had no intention for the page so I decided to use it as the background for my response to this week’s DLP prompt.  The fact that the triangles were all towards the left hand side of the page made me want to balance out the composition by having the face on the right hand side.  That thought led to the decision to only draw half the face.  In order that the focus be on the eye – as per my interpretation of the prompt – I drew the face in ink and only coloured in the eye, using the same watercolours that I had used for the triangles.

I am pretty happy with how this art journal page turned out except that – had I actually planned this page – I would have completed the ink drawing first, since the ink is waterproof, and then would have added the watercolour triangles.  Constructing the page in that order would have avoided the watercolour bleeding into the ink drawing.  That’s what I get for being spontaneous.

Week 31 - Faces - Eyes

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