Tiny Story Telling Figure

More Life Book catching up and this was a lesson that was completely my cup of tea.  The lesson was taken by Danielle Donaldson.  I confess that I was unfamiliar with her work but, having taken a gander at her website, I really love her line work and her splattery, blotchy, bleeding pigment, liquidy use of watercolour.  There is something quite dreamlike about her art work that appeals to me.

The lesson was really in two parts: the first was about words and I have not worked on that component yet; the second was about constructing a little character who could be holding a sign containing some sort of affirmation, symbol, phrase or word.  As my own style tends to be more illustrative than painterly, I was enthusiastic about this lesson.  I was also very encouraged by how quickly I could rattle off my painting given I was both trying to catch up on Life Book lessons and was short on time with having the kids off school for the summer.

I was working in low light levels (Mr Pict has been working in Washington DC this week so I have been using my evenings for arting) and was, therefore, a bit too heavy handed with the pigment.  I didn’t achieve the translucent quality of Donaldson’s tutorial.  Not at all.  I do, however, like the colours – once again “borrowed” from my children’s Prang watercolour set.  I outlined the figure in India ink using my dip pen and then used a white gel pen for some additional details.

Week 29 - Tiny Story Telling

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